Sunday, 16 July 2017

Activity 6 : Activity 2

- We Believe lanterns are a symbol of the stars.
- The focus of Matariki celebrations link in Maori history.
- Matariki means star cluster. So they make lanterns to show the stars and light.

- "each woven star represents light,hope,courage and solidarity to end all forms of violence in our world," Ms Talia Pau.
- The stars are to support the commonwealth games vision of a peaceful and successful global community.

- The fireworks marks the start of the Maori New Year.
- Remembers the people,Language,Spirituality and History.


  1. Hi Beni, I'm reading your blog from my home in Canada and so I'm appreciating the chance to learn about Matariki from your research. Did you get to see some of the fireworks this year?

    Lanterns are a beautiful symbol for the stars - I didn't realize that they are also a part of the celebration of Matariki.

    I'm very impressed that you've chosen to be involved in the blogging program during your school break. Good for you! I hope you're enjoying it!


  2. Hi Beni ,
    I like the matariki because i saw the fire works