Thursday, 20 July 2017

Activity 7 : Activity 2

I chose watching TV because I don't need to do any thing and think about anything but just watch TV.I also chose watching TV because it is relaxing and you can watch Netflix and chill.


Monday, 17 July 2017

Activity 7 : #Keep New Zealand Beautiful

 We can make New Zealand Beautiful by:
Taking care of the environment
Not wasting the water
Remembering to put our rubbish into the bin, not the ocean.
Not polluting the water + air.
Planting beautiful flowers and plants
Looking after the trees
Not putting plastic and plastic bags in the ocean.


We can make our neighbourhood beautiful by:
Taking care our Environment
Caring for the trees
Mowing the lawn
Cleaning up our house
Planting Beautiful flowers in the garden.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Bonus Activity : All Blacks Haka

Activity 6 : Activity 2

- We Believe lanterns are a symbol of the stars.
- The focus of Matariki celebrations link in Maori history.
- Matariki means star cluster. So they make lanterns to show the stars and light.

- "each woven star represents light,hope,courage and solidarity to end all forms of violence in our world," Ms Talia Pau.
- The stars are to support the commonwealth games vision of a peaceful and successful global community.

- The fireworks marks the start of the Maori New Year.
- Remembers the people,Language,Spirituality and History.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Activity 6: Native Aotearoa

If I arrived in New Zealand in the waka I would feel nervous because there would be a lot of Maori people that would be staring at me which makes me uncomfortable.I would feel excited at the same time because I would greet Maori people with a hongi.

Bonus Activity 2

I would like to go cycle on the Otago rail trail because it looks fun and you can ride your bike for fitness and run.
It does sound fun because you can ride your bike which sounds fun and you take pictures.
It sounds fun because there is another layer on the bottom and you can walk there and look all the way down which is scary.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Activity 5 : One Step at a Time...

As I was tying my shoe laces I looked up and Curious Kiwi and the group weren't there so I walked around the forest while I was walking I saw a black coat on the ground so I went and picked it up and it said Charlie Springer so I left on the ground so the owner can come back and get it.While I was walking to find Curious Kiwi and the group the next thing that I saw was a lot of shadows run pass so I went to see who it was but it was just Curious Kiwi and the group. Then I sighed and I was finally safe.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bonus Activity

The movie is about a 12 year old girl called Paikea that wanted to join chiefdom but she couldn't because she was a girl and it was only for males so she joined poi ball dancing with girls.When they went to the beach her papa (Koro) saw a tail of a whale so Paikea hopped on the whale and travelled somewhere just like how her ancestor did.

I give this movie a 3 because it was interesting and engaging.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Activity 4 : Swimming with the sharks

What the local people did to try help the whales :
The local people went and put towels on the whales and got buckets and filled it with sea water and splashed it on the whales so  the whales can stay hydrated.
They tried to drag  the whales in the water but they were heavy and the water was too shallow.
then they made a hole around the whales and filled  buckets of sea water to keep them alive.  
Some where fortunate to get rescued
 Majority of them didn't make it.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Activity 3 : Wild eyes

Kiwis live in the big green forest.
The kiwi is a brown, fuzzy, flightless bird.
Kiwis eat worms, seeds, grubs, fruits and eels.
Kiwis sleep at night and look for food at day time.

Bonus activity

I made this design because it has my two favorite colors red and yellow and it has a cross that represent Jesus.
i like this design because it is nice and bright like the sun .

Activity 2 : New Zealand by Land and Sea

We enjoyed visiting Rangitoto because it was beautiful and it had a lot of green bushes.
It was amazing because when the sunsets it looks beautiful and amazing.
It was awesome because there were a lot of families enjoying it at Rangitoto.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Activity 1: 100 % PURE New Zealand

rugby is popular in New Zealand because the all blacks won the world cup in 1987, 2011 , 2015     

There is 4.4 million New Zealanders, 69% are Europeans, 14.6% are Maori, 9.2% are Asians.
European pioneers were brave and independent before the farms and settlements were found.
Jet boat and the Bungy jump are the most famous Kiwi inventions.