Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Activity 5 : One Step at a Time...

As I was tying my shoe laces I looked up and Curious Kiwi and the group weren't there so I walked around the forest while I was walking I saw a black coat on the ground so I went and picked it up and it said Charlie Springer so I left on the ground so the owner can come back and get it.While I was walking to find Curious Kiwi and the group the next thing that I saw was a lot of shadows run pass so I went to see who it was but it was just Curious Kiwi and the group. Then I sighed and I was finally safe.

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  1. Ciao Beni,
    This blog post is impressive for you to be doing but WALAH you completed the activity. And I am very proud of you for doing the Winter Learning Journey activity. Addio meaning bye and see you at school in a week and a bit.